UFC Now Ep. 205: Top 5 Most Underrated Fighters

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25 Responses to “UFC Now Ep. 205: Top 5 Most Underrated Fighters”

  1. werdum9405

    Werdum is underrated.

  2. MMA man

    +Jaru I totally agree with your sentiments about Mousasi being one of the
    most underrated fighters ever.

  3. Fall Matic


  4. Oliver Bensusan

    Brendan Schaub is a retard. His list doesn’t make any sense.

  5. dior096

    WTF is up with Brendan Shaubs list? if you go to the official ufc website
    and go to the pound for pound world rankings you’ll see both Aldo and
    Johnson officially in positions 2 & 3 respectively so what’s he talking
    about under rated??

  6. ceejay1992

    Jose Aldo, Demetrius Johnson and Frankie Edgar? Schaub doesn’t understand
    the question obviously

  7. askalucas411

    My top 5 underrated fighters are..
    5. Gegard moussasi. Seriously man this guy is s very good mma fighter who’s
    in the top 10 and no one is talking about this guy.
    4. Matt Mitrione. For a heavy weight the guy has excellent speed and NO ONE
    talks about him at all seriously..
    3. Neil Magny. The guys on a 6 fight win streak right now and is just now
    on a main card? He won 5 fights in 2014 (we were all distracted with donald
    cerrone though)
    2. Max Holloway. Same reason the kids a fucking beast. Excellent striking
    and constantly improving. Hes a huge threat to everyone in the division.
    1. Everyone in the flyweight division. Lmao. All those guys are fucking
    amazing. Just because they arent 6’7 and have one punch knockout power
    doesn’t mean they are boring and suck.
    Seriously that division is never talked about or shown any love 

  8. Edge Snob

    I cant believe Brendan didn’t name off guys he’s beat as his 5.

  9. Killa Kam

    Aldo is the longest defending undisputed Champion currently fighting, and
    he’s been getting better and better each fight. He IS the number 1 p4p,
    skill for skill champion in UFC history IMO. The stats speak for

  10. HDmexiqtioner

    Schaub must be having too much second hand from Joe Rogan after that list.

  11. Kane Askew

    i love brian callen but he doesnt know shit about fighting haha.

  12. SMOK3LOC 73

    Top 5 guys I went to school with

    1. Anderson silva
    2. Jose aldo
    3. Nick diaz
    4. Conor mcgregor
    5. Tyron Woodley.

  13. Alessandro Scuderi

    Bermudez isnt on a 6 fight win streak … he got beat easily by Llamas in
    his last fight

  14. Cody "The Machine"

    Edson Barboza doesn’t get the praise he deserves. His muay thai is off the

  15. Chase B

    Where’s Rory macdonald? One of the best welterweights in the world and he
    gets little to no attention

  16. TheJudoJoker

    Can anyone tell me the song at 4:12?

  17. William Love

    Where the hell is Carlos Condit? Has anybody seen him fight? Thats my
    number 1 underrated fighter 

  18. CornishRicky

    Why in the name of holy piss is Bryan Callen there? Is he just gonna stand
    next to Schaub in every context now?

  19. Kyle Gardner

    Wait was this filmed before Dennis’ loss to Ricardo? 

  20. TrojanTrixterChiliad

    I’d put Todd Duffee somewhere on the list his chin isn’t the best but he
    has a lot of power 

  21. Wess Honaker

    Luke rockhold

  22. Patriko

    Now for the most overrated fighter: Anderoid Silva

  23. rein gone

    you guys forgot Kelvin Gastelum and Uriah Hall :)

  24. That Guy Eddy

    I think if Yoel Romeo worked on his cardio, he has the most chance of
    beating Chris Weidman

  25. Jaru

    I would say my number 1 is Gegard Mousasi. I feel like a majority of people
    dont know him beside the hardcore MMA fans. The guy is a legend and hes not
    even 30. 36-5 and has held so many belts and beat the best of the best. If
    he was on his game he could have beat Souza (Again) and then he would be in
    the top 5 and about to get a title shot. Love that guy lol

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