UFC Legend Tank Abbott Talks MMA, Tito Ortiz, Frank Shamrock, Oleg, Don Frye and More

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23 Responses to “UFC Legend Tank Abbott Talks MMA, Tito Ortiz, Frank Shamrock, Oleg, Don Frye and More”

  1. SmokeCheck4

    damn tank doesnt give a F*(k. love to see him fight but have some a lil class tank.

  2. bo2780

    his teeth fell out at 2:42

  3. bo2780

    his teeth fell our at 2:42

  4. Jason Gotti

    Come on stop working Tank… This is all bs if u guys believe what he is saying is for real

  5. 921144666

    That hair!

  6. deram

    Tank is a legend. He was the first interesting MMA guy I ever saw…and his style was electric.

    But the hair piece doesn’t suit him imo. shave that hair – looks better.

  7. nickycoley1

    he was already old & inactive when he lost to slice imagine some one calling you up to do a high risk job you hadn’t done in years with little to no preperation

  8. BuzZYoda

    Tanks teeth nearly fall out at 2:41

  9. terriblefart


  10. qaraj

    Justin bieber haircut??

  11. JustinP

    this interview rocks cuz tanks actually telling the truth 

  12. dmp220

    before clicking this video i thought that tank would find anyway to diss modern mma in anyway possible…clicked the video and sure nuff

  13. Terry Tate

    yeah your pretty dillusional all right. in NHB Tank would KILL Mir.

  14. fastfingersfunk

    bitter old man. damn shame. even more ridiculous, that hair-peace. ROFL.

  15. TheJooti

    Tank Abbott is the LEGEND, doesn´t matter for me what he said in the video but he is LEGEND!

  16. LUCKY197175

    I hope he never fights again…He look gassed just from your interview.

  17. Poopiesnoopies

    I’m kinda curious to hear his thoughts about big country Roy Nelson . it’s interesting because they both have the same kind of mannerisms and look.

  18. JatoUnitSoldier

    He did. Vitor KTFO’d him when he was only 19 and Abbott went around shit-talking him for years and ducked a rematch

  19. jezusmatkojebca

    Santa Abbot 🙂


    He just said he doesn’t know of gsp or Anderson Silva? ??lmaoo best of luck to then lmfao

  21. Mike Rivers

    The messy pile holding the mic makes Tank look pretty normal.

  22. julessarangi

    tank has a hairpiece lol….looked better bald…it is a hairpiece isnt it??????????

  23. indesturctible

    If you lose to Kimbo Slice, you’re not a legend.

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