UFC 183: Rapid Fire – Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida

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24 Responses to “UFC 183: Rapid Fire – Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida”

  1. Eddie ™

    Strip Wiedman of the title and just give it to Vitor!
    This is the second time that Weidman has pulled out of a fight with Vitor!

  2. Megan Olivi

    I love Anderson’s accent! I need to brush up on my Portuguese so I can have
    the ability to tell Anderson *how much I would love for him to fuck me lol

  3. Frank V

    Two classy champions and not bigmouth punks like some of the new guys.

  4. SalgadoJonathan

    1:03 “hee hee” Michael Jackson or what? lol

  5. Daniel Dragovic

    Weidman is a fake champion. He’s not really injured. He’s just scared to
    lose his title. Strip him Dana. Fuck you Chris. You just lost a fan. 

  6. Anderson Silva


  7. Philip Wright

    I really like choo watch CSI an’ Dancing for the Stars
    -Anderson Silva

  8. mrcauduro

    wow my god Lyoto so handsome.

  9. shogun rua

    Machida vs Silva, make it happen ufc! 

  10. andresigora

    Give a TUF for Lyoto already! Most unorthodox training ever, probably.

  11. forkyou beach

    Weidman pull out of title fight TWICE. No, can’t do that shit. That’s like
    Jones pulling out of that DC fight, he pulled out once then fought the
    re-scheduled. Weidman a pussy just scared of losing cause of occurring
    Strip that prick of the belt and have Vitor vs Machida for the belt, who

  12. celticjordan1

    I find it funny how Machida ended up with just 2 stitches on his forehead
    and Weidman ended up with a broken hand, ribs, knee, and jaw and was in the
    hospital for months…. and he won? its as if Weidman took a drug that kept
    him going against lyoto in the rounds when he would probably got dropped
    from them brutal shots??? hmmmm… UFC is filled with fake fighters….

  13. fanta assparian

    what the fuck are they sayin?? I dont understand this afghani shit… speak
    true american english please. non of that satanic shit. This guy is a cock
    so is Conor mcgregor. I sent him picture of my penis on twitter and asked
    him to show it his hot fiancée and get some feedback. he started
    threatening me instead, now I understand why ppl hate conor.. bit too stuck
    up for us normal americans. someone pls teach them about jesus or ask them
    to learn english and leave their allah out of america.. AMERICA…BABY..!!!

  14. Me Bender

    wtf the weidman vs belfert fight is off and the yoel romero vs jacare fight
    is not on there anymore ufc184 turnt to dog shit

  15. Carlos Oliveira

    Why they didn’t choose Lyoto to be one of the coaches on TUF Brazil 3 ?
    Since Anderson won’t be anymore because of… you know, Lyoto has alot of
    fans in Brazil and fought Shogun Rua twice, and as he just said in this
    interview he loves to teach and help people, would be the perfect choice,
    but instead you choose Big Nog, which makes no sense at all !! Every
    brazilian MMA fan is pissed off.

  16. Just Sayin

    I will only remember when machida got choked out standing up

  17. Wilker Alessandro Castro

    Dois brasileiros e nda de português …. sacanagem hem hehe

  18. marcelo06

    if they ever make a decent street fighter film it would be criminal to not
    have Lyoto play Ryu….. he looks just like what he should be, karate
    master and just all around perfect match from the games…. Hadouken!!!

  19. KristaL Mac LeoD

    I thought You looked GreaT Anderson with Daiz he’s 1 crazy fighter but You
    seemed Very RELAXED AND composed in thePocKet and You have No mind with the
    kicks- whatever Happens GhosT it has No bearing on Your GOAT Legacy . You
    and I Believe FranK ShamRocK are 1 and 2 All Time .

  20. XhintoFuTbOll Ronaldo

    What song is Anderson singing at 1:22 ? 

  21. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA

    *UFC 183: Rapid Fire – Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida*

  22. Evandro T.I.

    Machida has an awesome aura with all the calmness and power, not even
    answer most of the questions.
    While we have another great character Silva that talks for himself and
    Lyoto with his brand new English with all his nice guy side.

  23. Anon Ymous

    Nice to see Silva stating his MOTHER as his hero, unlike every other
    fighter in the ufc. He understands which parent sacrifices more. Silva is
    very likable. 

  24. ReverentGhost

    They should Have Vitor rematch Rockhold or maybe fight Machida for the
    interim title until Wiedman can make it through a training camp without
    fucking himself up

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