UFC 182: Extended Preview

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25 Responses to “UFC 182: Extended Preview”

  1. knockits Lopez

    This is an extended preview check this out JONES VS CORMIER 

  2. Aneldo Arosemena

    This Milyes Jury think too high of himself, Cowboy Cerrone is gonna give
    him a raw reality check

  3. John Montoya

    Don’t really watch UFC but all I can say reading through YouTube comments
    anyone that makes a legit argument are either.
    You are a Cormier fan only because you want Jones to lose
    Your a fanboy if you like Jones.

    Me personally I want Jones to win just because more people suppose hate him
    So I just wanna hear the excuses and the rage after the fight 

  4. FeedKHABIB

    amazing how people look at cormiers body and think that means he cant win
    because he doesnt have abs therefore he is slow, fedor and cain both are
    flabby looking and beat the dogshit out of guys who were all jacked up,
    bodies dont win fights. 

  5. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA

    *UFC 182: Extended Preview*

    On January 3rd the wait is over, as Daniel Cormier challenges the
    pound-for-pound king, Jon Jones, in the main event of UFC 182 in Las Vegas.
    It’s an epic clash of 205-pound superstars who have declared war on one
    another, and this score will be settled in the Octagon. Plus, Donald the
    Cowboy Cerrone takes on Myles Jury in a lightweight battle.

  6. Animus Miles-Militis

    Alexander Gustafsson should be champion … UFC fixed referees because of
    the gambling!

  7. Josh Schmidt

    Came in likely miles, left disliking him. Who the fuck does he think he is?
    I hope Donald knocks him clean the fuck out 

  8. Mikhael Theodore

    Cowboy is going to eat this kid.

  9. Abd

    Gustafsson is his biggest treat not DC

  10. SteelerGirlXLIII

    “He’s not taking me down I’m taking him down” so Cormier tell us what is
    your takedown defense now? 85% now? How many times did he take you down? 3?
    How many times did you take him down? Once? He beat you at your own game.
    Go cry somewhere. Oh wait you probably are while eating Popeyes! 

  11. LoungeActVideos

    Jones says he wants to go down as one of the greatest martial artists of
    all time, which he is definitely on his way to achieving but that being
    said I feel he will always have a stigma attached to that, his fakeness was
    exposed to those blind to it when he didn’t realize the cameras were still
    rolling and was talking shit to DC, DC was right “you are the scum of the
    Earth” also his dirty tactic of poking fighters in the eyes, it is a
    calculated decision to extend his fingers like that, he uses it to his
    advantage and isn’t penalized. When we think of other greats such as
    Anderson Silva, Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, they are humble (Ali talked shit
    in his time but when it comes down to it he was humble in victory) and
    skilled martial artists, but with Jones he may very well be skilled but he
    lacks the nobility, humility and respectfulness that martial arts

  12. Toco

    if jj loses it would be awesome, but if he doesnt, theres a swede waiting
    for him

  13. Mel Dedara

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if Jones attempts and succeeds to out-wrestle

  14. nicumecu

    Cormier isn’t rag dolling no one in this fight,Jones is gonna use his reach
    against the tubby little guy..Only reason most people want Cormier to win
    is because they hate Jones..Jones got this..

  15. richisamindset01

    Jones will never lose to anyone ever because of his reach.

    Jones is the best fighter that ever lived or ever will live.

    Jones will eventually have every belt in the UfC including the womans belts.

    Jones can fly.

    Jones has flashy moves so that makes him completely invincible.

    Jones has never lost a round or never been in trouble. Those incidents you
    thought you saw were pure magic, because Jones also knows magic.

  16. Andrew John Smith

    I’ve always been a huge fan of The Cowboy. Dating back to the WEC days.
    With that said , i don’t think He will be the Champ as long as Pettis has
    the belt. He will always be a fan favoured fighter no matter what . Cause
    he is fun to watch and that is not a small deed . Remember there have been
    plenty of great fighter not to win the Belt .

  17. Yuspliff

    donald vs dos anjos is what i want to see!!!

  18. Baby Talk


  19. Majin Vegeta

    Myles beats up two over the hill fighters and is acting like he’s a badass.
    I can’t wait to see him get knocked the fuck out.

  20. TheDigitalPillars

    Jury is a punk.




    Shiiit this is so good. Although i dont like how the UFC antagonizes Jones
    and even uses an IG video of his daughter! C’mon! There is a limit.

    For Cowboy/Jury, im so torn.. Cowboy is a wild mofo but its true what this
    video says, Jury does it all good, so this might be the key for Cowboys
    crazy style and slow start + Miles has great reach, long powerful arms.

  23. Neil Richardson

    i really think DC has come off as more of a prick than jones has during
    this whole thing.

  24. Julio Bonilla

    Beter pack a lunch brother fuck ya the cowboy is the defenition of a
    fighter a guy who loves to throw down with anybody he fights 5, 6 times a
    year you have to respect that 

  25. John O'Neill

    It’s about time the UFC put on a fight worth paying for.

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