UFC 152: Jones vs Belfort Pre-fight Press Conference

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24 Responses to “UFC 152: Jones vs Belfort Pre-fight Press Conference”

  1. kevinsmammaxd

    bob sapp is that you?

  2. Anton Khuu

    lol .. what does being a “champion for a long time” has to do with “liking/hating” this guy jones ?? ..  dont you think its just personal preferences ??

  3. Cesar Tinoco

    Supposedly no. A girl confessed that she participated in the kidnapping and killing of the girl because she had a debt that had to pay to some drug dealers. They buried the ‘body’ but the Belfort family doesn’t believe the story and think that she is still alive somewhere.

  4. Cesar Tinoco

    A fly. That’s foreshadowing because he became the FLYweight champion.

  5. Cesar Tinoco

    Daniel do panico.
    He called him a Sex Symbol.

  6. LilBlacJac510

    Why does everyone hate Bisping he’s a great guy?

  7. ThoughtDifference

    Like I said, Jones will be the champion for a long time. Belfort put up a great fight though. Jones shut alot of you haters up now. What are your excuses now? You won’t him to fight Sonnen? You don’t think he is the best because he isn’t facing Silva, whom he is bigger than? What is it? Until then, I’ll chill with my good predictions and watch you Jones haters make more and more hate talk. LOL! #JONES&OBAMA2012!!!

  8. MrLeebo123


  9. TaReaperz

    I don’t think we need a 720p or higher for an a hour of press conference. I don’t plan on seeing every skin pores.

  10. TaReaperz

    You’re stupid if you think Obama is a good leader.

  11. TheLuminousEffect

    Shit i’m glad i didn’t have money on that prediction lol.

  12. patrmccrt

    Yeah well there is a difference between dumb “fighters” and a martial artist. For example Bisming is a fighter Jon Jones and Anderson Silva is martial artist.

  13. GamingHigher

    wow must be a new medical breaktrew,
    someone that has been dead for 28 years gettin Chlamydia… Should write a paper on this professor douchbag

  14. Marcos André

    Daniel do panico em 57:00

  15. LucianLycan1313

    hooley dooley, Ariel with a decent question at 43:00….. wonders never cease

  16. Bones87ish

    I personally think Jones is going to learn from it

  17. GamingHigher

    SPOILER: jones won by kimura in round 4…

  18. MoneyM8ker123

    dude belfort got front kicked by anderson, got dropped easy, its over for him, that was the past, not now, and u can say what you want, jones has plenty of takes down, very good stand up, accuracy, so say what u want, lets be real he is going to beat him

  19. knifertheworks

    i think vitor showed how to beat jones. with really good submissions

  20. knifertheworks

    The dan henderson fight would have been over faster i think. dan is such a small guy. vitor put up a good fight i think.

  21. KaboomKabang73

    I remember when Vitor fought that 325 pounder. If I remember right, Tank Abbott was a guest announcer at that fight and had lost earlier to this same big fighter Vitor was fighting. Tank then proceeded to mock Vitor and his ability to win the fight. The 325 pounder then ran into two brick walls that were attached to Vitors wrist. It brought me right out of my chair. And of course Vitor eventually fought Tank as well. Bottom line, I like both fighters but will root for Vitor.

  22. ImNotPaulAvery69

    I do although I dont care for pre fight crap cuz its irrelevant. But to state that someone with his caliber of skill & rising, isnt good cuz he turned down a fight on short notice is stupid. Look I was mad he did it too, but it doesn’t take away from the fact when he gets in the ring, he dominates the fight completely. And has only lost one fight & 1 round in his career to date. As Joe says, hes the future fighter.

  23. iBecomingInsane

    Ive seen him fight and ive seen his pre and post fight conferences and interviews as well. Guess you don’t keep up with that stuff.

  24. nimrod74741

    0:34:18 wtf, LOL

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