UFC 152: Jon Jones Post-Fight Interview

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25 Responses to “UFC 152: Jon Jones Post-Fight Interview”

  1. DynastyFPS

    But hey, that shit equals cash, so i can’t blame them.

  2. DynastyFPS

    And for any bandwagon Silva and Jones fans. Yes, they are the best in the world as of now, but if you believe for one second that they’d be in the position they’re in without the UFC and Dana promoting the fuck out of them, you’re sorely mistaken. Especially Anderson. He is the most obvious attempt at recreating the type of hype Ali generated. Every sport needs it’s icon, and the UFC obviously found that in Anderson, and still has not stopped running with it.

  3. DynastyFPS

    A lot of fighters have finished fights injured, shit happens all the time, and anyone who can’t finish a fight injured probably shouldn’t be in the profession. And by the way, people dislike Jon Jones because of his attitude. He portrays himself in such a holy and noble light, when in actuality he seems to be super arrogant. He deserves respect, as does anyone who fights for a living, but when it comes down to it, he’s not an ideal champion because people don’t like his shitty personality.

  4. wbooker10

    Can l call him KING now

  5. Clayton Grandia

    I think the other reason they hate him is because he speaks like a sweet and intelligent man. Unlike a lot of these other guys. They have come to expect mumbling semi-idiots. This guy is super intelligent and articulate. Not to mention highly educated. 

  6. americanpita

    Jones was my favourit fighter I liked his arogance because he was (is) the best fighter in the world .He can act how ever he wants to act he is the number 1 in the world and man I hated sonnen Then henderson quited the match and cheal should stepped in but jones was affradit to fight him and thats when I lost all the respect to him and become a Sonnen fan!

  7. dt6197

    He is actually going to fight chael, but idky people are so butthurt he didn’t fight him before fighters have done that before, but moving on, this shit was so badass, elbow gets popped and still wins the fight, respect that toughness and will

  8. lukeindeed

    Obviously he was scared of Chael, why else wouldnt he take the fight? I know he can beat Chael, but hes such a pussy he will only fight on his own terms when hes found a cheap strategy plan. I never liked him before but i hate him now. I know hes a good fighter, but he’ll NEVER be the greatest when hes a fake arrogent spoiled little brat.

  9. 99Steve

    Dana cancelled the event, not Jon Jones. Maybe if Dana made cards with more depth, he still could have marketed the card without Jones. Besides, Jon Jones doesn’t owe you anything. His job is to fight the person on his contract, not a fighter with a completely different style on eight days notice. His camp advised him not to take it and wisely he chose to listen. If you think for one minute that Jones was actually scared on Chael Sonnen, lol… Come his next fight Jones will beat him with ease.

  10. lukeindeed

    If hes not a pussy whyd he back out of ufc 151 and get the whole show cancelled?

  11. sharpazitgetz

    how can yo casll him a pussy i bet you and every male in your family cant whip jone ass, not even if yall try to jump himm.

  12. sharpazitgetz

    how can you hate on a guy that beat up on someone with a broken arm

  13. CaesarThaApeGod

    Fighters say no to fights all the time dumbass for all kinds of reasons: injuries, timing, money, ranking, etc etc. BTW Jones is a fighter that’s it, only retards blame Jones for the card being cancels, even Dana White quickly started to change his statements because it’s fuckin stupid to say it’s Jones fault, UFC has power and fighters don’t.

  14. lukeindeed

    Every fighter in the UFC doesnt back out of fights and cancel the entire card. Fuck Jones, u mad hes a fake pussy and he has no fans ? CHICKEN BONES JONES

  15. damienroyce

    What are you, fucking stupid? Every fighter is in the UFC to win EVERY fight or as many fights as they can and secondly…you know..MAKE SOME FUCKING MONEY? idiot. He never talks shit, always shows respect by shaking hands and only taking it in the ring, how is he a coward, you are so pissed that hes better than your fav fighters.

  16. damienroyce

    you fucking idiot he controls the octagon all the time, he always comes at them and stays in the middle, you stupid piece of shit. he runs? jesus christ..

  17. nagone11

    Runs away from his opponents?? Who is Jones running from?? I really want to hear this one!

  18. TGRgrimreaper209

    Jones is a bitch! how’s is he good? All he does is runs away from his opponents, they get pressured and think they’re going to lose the fight so he take advantage of that, the guy never knock anybody out in his life??? he’s good at running away!! look at his fights just look!

  19. bigiesmallzzzzz

    xxspit LOL u right, vitor left him went back home with a special gift on his arm, but jones could have broke vitor’s shoulder at the end, but he did not, that’s nice, franck mirr would have broke it for sure

  20. jeelu87

    Hello you fucktards he is fighting sonnen in april so wtf ya talking shit that he scared like first off he is an mma fighter you cant be scared to fight because then that should not be your profession j/s not only that but does sonnen deserve a title shot hell fucking no he doesnt anderson just kicked his ass since when do you get title shots for loseing sonnen is fucking weak and a steroid takeing bitch thats why he talks so much shit cuz he sucks dude got like 13 loses on his record he wack

  21. masteroflife777

    How can Jones possibly have any bastard haters after this??

  22. xxspitfiresk8s

    1:55 “How do you feel, Jones?” “well you know except for the fact that vitor just broke my fucking arm, i’m pretty good.”

  23. Poop Cash

    You just got trolled.

  24. omgcopyritedstuff

    he’s in a lot pain holy shit

  25. ThaFoolishBeast97

    He’s fighting Sonnen 😀

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