Brock Lesnar has been put to his place after Goldberg convincingly defeated him at Survival Series.

Before the encounter between the two WWE superstars, Lesnar was tipped to be the winner owing to his formidable record. However, at survival series, Goldberg showed his class by defeating Lesnar two minutes into the match – thanks to an important nerve wrecking double brace spear and a jackhammer. After the fight, one thing was established, Lesner was not invincible after all.

Before his Survivor Series showdown with Lesnar, the 49-year-old Wrestler publicly declared to the WWE universe that clash with Lesnar would be the last of his professional career.

However, following his victory, speculations have quickly turned to Goldberg’s future, with the WCW legend proving beyond reasonable doubt that he can still compete at the highest level even after a prolonged absence from the wrestling arena.

Goldberg’s desire to keep going on will now be intense following his all-important victory over Lesnar at Survivor Series. Hence, he may now seek to the draw the curtain to his impressive career by bowing out in a grand stage like the Wrestle Mania. Nonetheless, it is still not clear if Goldberg will feature in WrestleMania 33, maybe in a few days we can tell, but for now we don’t know.

Lesner who has had an easy ride in the WWE amidst fierce opponents such as; Undertaker and Triple H, was effectively shown his place at the Survival Series. Lesner will no doubt be anxious for a third encounter with the formidable Goldberg, who would likely not turn down the chance to make it a treble. However, any chance of this two competing against each other may only happen at a rematch at WrestleMania. At Survivor series, Goldberg showed other WWE stars how to defeat the beast Lesnar



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