Silva and Jones Kidnapped and Forced to Fight

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  1. didijj


  2. Braaaandon95

    Make Nam Phan VS Steven Seagal

  3. femholds1

    This is an awesome video. I think I watched it 20 times! Please, i want more. I love the Anderson talk in English. So funny

  4. Key Tone

    Acho que vc tem razão em dizer que ele fala em PT/BR, mas eles na verdade misturaram com um sotaque em espanhol. Houve uma confusão. Em relação a similaridade das línguas: Na Califórnia onde há muitos mexicanos não é possível entender uma única palavra do espanhol deles. No Chile e na Espanha encontrei a mesma situação, Argentina já praticamente fala PT/BR devido o fluxo de brasileiros. Eu só falo Inglês e EU não compreendo espanhol, palavra escrita é uma coisa, frase falada é outra. Abraços.

  5. Veron sherner

    no dude, im brazilian, he says, sensei o que ele faria? 2° merda = shit, this is portuguese xD i can tell , spanish and portuguese are similar, there are many different words, if he was speaking spanish, he wouldnt say merda, he would say mierda, listen again dude.

  6. Key Tone

    Sorry american man, but its spanish not BRASILIAN PORTUGUESE. And similar is not the same, Even if we travel to spanish language countrys we cant understand; to speak spanish we need study this language. But for americans Brasil, Argentina, Paraguai and other south americans countrys are the same language, culture, money… Please, respect us, ok ? thanks.

  7. patinhanator

    @MCSamyOfficial “and just a heads-up, if you lose, I may invite him to train at the Jackson camp.”

  8. Hitmanzw

    This video was amazing and incredibly accurate!

  9. Gustavo de Andrade Maldonado

    2:53 your portuguese is terrible.

  10. Rodolfo Menezes

    2:06 Anderson Silva gritando/screaming kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  11. Veron sherner

    it was brazilian portuguese, but both languages are very similar

  12. Jo Rodrigues

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk’ dahora

  13. dsanchez218

    holy fudge this is hilarious

  14. mrmee1229

    this is hilarious

  15. Aiphiae

    If Silva calls out GSP after Condit (according to rumors), the guy will look like a fucking bully. I can’t believe Silva would prefer to fight a smaller guy like GSP than fight Jones just to avoid fighting his teammates.

  16. TheHm3

    It’s absolutely not like that. Anderson has again and again proven his reflexes and agility. Latest examples are Stephan Bonnar and Chael Sonnen. Earlier examples include Forrest Griffin, Yushin Okami and Dan Henderson…

  17. Key Tone

    Ok, but Anderson speaks BRASILIAN PORTUGUESE, not spanish, ok ?

  18. hugh jass

    Is somone there? The BJ Penn? LOOL

  19. fyoukim12

    @jonafromwales it’s Japanese for Anderson- young one/child

  20. Rosumisorimu

    I think that whole the case about Anderson’s inhuman speed, head movement and technique is basically another “Emperor’s New Clothes” story, where I feel like that little kid, being completely confused, watching in disbelief – “based on WHAT are the saying that!?”.

    But oh well, like I said, I don’t have anything against Silva as a person, that was just my honest opinion on him as a fighter…time will tell.

  21. Juliano Soares

    Thanks, now I understand

  22. rodrigosp6

    Anderson’s voice…HAHAHHAHAHA

  23. 1uqman


  24. SundiMundi

    It’s an MMA joke, because Jon Fitch is notorious for not “finishing” his opponents.

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