Seth Rollins thinks Randy Orton is jealous of him

Seth Rollins believes that Randy Orton is jealous about his upsurge in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Rollins took out Randy Orton from wrestling a few months ago so as to cover the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion to go and film his scenes for WWE studios latest production The Condemned 2.

Seth in a recent interview with a daily told that Orton is always worried about new younger talents that may claim his position on the WWE card. He said that Randy and he are colleagues for sure but they are not at all compatible to be friends and hang out with each other. He added that both of them have got their individual lives and have been business partners when it was fruitful for them. But as it does not make any sense to be together now so they are at odds again.

Seth explained his such views for Randy by saying that when he first arrived at WWE as The Shield, Orton did not liked him so much and according to him the former WWE champion always harboured a little professional jealousy against him.

The current Money in the Bank holder thinks that Randy Orton might be afraid of those young guys who might come in and steal some of his thunder in WWE. Seth also recognizes the fact that Randy is an incredible performer and will be a sure shot Hall of Famer in the future but at this moment he believes that the Viper had his time. Seth also claimed that though he thinks Randy has had his time but he himself might be little afraid to admit that.

Randy Orton have recently wrapped up his shooting for the film The Condemned 2 but still there is no official date for his WWE’s return. The best possible return for the Viper might be going into Royal Rumble match which is slated to take place on 25th January 2015.

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