Rashad Evans: Jon Jones Was a ‘Fool’ Over UFC 151 Situation

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25 Responses to “Rashad Evans: Jon Jones Was a ‘Fool’ Over UFC 151 Situation”

  1. daniel mackay

    says the guy commenting on youtube….lol wtf

  2. MutantvillePlayers

    6:50 Truth.

  3. HevyToy

    Rashad is so jealous guy, he want his spot back so bad, everyone forgot him..

  4. Jpbuckers

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest.


    Jones is who he is and he is not emotional little bitch like that house negro Rashad.


    “Rashad really understands the psychology of Jones and what he said here is spot on, i always thinks there’s something weird with Jones and when Rashad said the whole “he needs to be who he is and not what he believes the people want to see” it was just spot on.” <-- The psychology of Rashad is the black man's stereotype that is welcomed in American media therefore Jones is not participating that BS..Just like Muhammad Ali refused to act like Good house Negro.

  7. nethoser

    ^^ He mad.

  8. DaSolidAce

    ariel is the biggest instigator

  9. Mexicanstan86

    all you who are leaving comments(You Are All Idiots) get a life a girl friend stop putting your opions on youtube. you want to write send a letter.

  10. HeIIoHater

    now all of a sudden jones is a muslin xD he needs rafiki

  11. ashisforreal

    Will see when he fights Rampage how big “Monster” he is!

  12. TakedownO44

    I think that King Kong would duck Glover… that dudes a fucking MONSTER.

  13. ashisforreal

    Shut up Rashad you ducked Glover ASSHOLE!!!

  14. EXHC

    Doctors are way different than fighters smart ass. A doctor has to b prepared, if he fucks up he could kill somebody. Jones is a fighter, he gets paid to fight, not only was he going to fight somebody who just lose, but he was also going to fight somebody from a lower weight class, lower catergory. Idk about u, but a champion to me is a guy who takes on fights and proves he is the best. Jones 3rd on the pound for pound ranking didnt accept a fight against Chael Sonnen who just got beat by Silva

  15. bigjeard

    Wheres the proof on that? I haven’t seen any. All I saw was Chael on top stomping Silva for 23 minutes… I would make an excuse if that happened to me. He never looked hurt in the fight, and Chael landed what 300 strikes I think? Im sure several of those shots hit his “broken ribs” yet no look of pain or discomfort on Silva. Btw not a Silva hater, Just trying to say Chael is good fighter and dominated Silva for 23 minutes to his credit, even though he was tapped he’s the only man who can.

  16. meialuakampinas

    takes a fight unprepared? he was in months of camp while Chael only had weeks and Jon was unprepared? one thing is to act smart other thing is to turn down a fighter with a out of shape 185er.

    Wake up dude.

  17. eatmyplanet

    You think Jon Jones is a pussy, because He is smart? Well he is a champion in the UFC. Who are you? What makes you an authority on toughness? Who have you fought and beat? There is a reason he is champion, he picks fights he is prepared for. Its called strategy, and its what pays his bills. If he just takes a bad fight unprepared, and he does lose, for him that means lots of money he loses. This is their profession not for ego boosting. I suppose if a doctor wont operate that makes him a pussy?

  18. eatmyplanet

    WTF are you talking about Chael never beat Silva… You understand that anyone that lands a good punch in a fight could claim they almost won. But in a fight all that matters is the result. If you want to say it that way then say “Chael practically won the fight when silva was sick with a 2 broken ribs, but he still lost and tapped out.” I hate it when people take stuff completely out of context to support a completely false point.

  19. bigjeard

    How can you even say he’s more dangerous? Just tell me why you think that? I’m so confused, Im certain Glover hasn’t faced a even NEAR top level guy who’s considered a contender. Without looking at Chaels record, I can still name four top guys he’s not only faced but beat. Shit he basically beat Silva once lol.

  20. LilBlitz116

    jones has a point about rashad training vitor 2 become a champ

  21. DrunkenPoetic

    Plus Glover isn’t from the weight-class below Rashad’s.

  22. gunnar dougan

    ceaser, the difference is jon jones had gone through an entire fucking 12 week training camp preparing for a wrestler! Hes a pussy for not accepting the chael fight. Rashad on the other hand was not in a training camp, nor was he training at all. and i will bet you glover is a more dangerous opponent than chael.

  23. CaesarThaApeGod

    So its cool for Rashad to duck Glover but not Jones. Fuckin hypocrite.

  24. iceman8736

    Rashad turned down a fight with Glover due to “short notice”, lolololl

  25. ydafckdoihave2have1

    I like Rashad and respect his skills but he’s a dick.If Jon asked him to hug it out and squash the beef,Rashad would break down like a little girl and do it.He’d then corner everyone of Jon’s next fights.

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