Dana White Breaks Down UFC 153, Aims For A. Silva vs. J. Jones

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25 Responses to “Dana White Breaks Down UFC 153, Aims For A. Silva vs. J. Jones”

  1. daz oman

    You forgot to take your medication me thinks…..

  2. Mindaugas7100

    Indeed, he talks so much shit.

  3. Darian McDuel

    Hell yes. Biggest fight in UFC history

  4. Chris Matthews

    Jones would lose. Right now. Can’t say if it happened years down the road. But for now the only thing beating SILVA is FATHER TIME.

  5. Chris Matthews

    Bonnar came to win, on steroids….still lost. UFC suspended him, he retired 😉 cmon DANA quit talking bullshit man. You are a flip flopper. oh…… DIAZ 1, 2 ,5. And MORE THEN HALF THE CRAP YOU SAY OUTTA YOUR MOUTH IS BULLSHIT. So you and the internet have something in common 😉

  6. sketch519

    2 Fights left on A. Silva’s Contract, GSP 1ST, 2ND JONES!!

  7. cocotiger77

    The fact that this got voted up is indicative of the stupidity and bigotry that UFC fans are capable of. I miss the days when MMA fans were, for the most part, not only experienced in martial arts but more importantly humble due to said experience. They engaged in logical analysis of hypothetical fights and considered all relevant factors rather than some prima facie — excuse my latin — reaction based off White’s hype behind Silva. I need a new hobby. Clovercity indeed my friend.


    You obvously are either STUPID or a total REATRD!How can you say Silva will win over GSP?you shithead,its called MMA anything can happen at any time,upsets happen all the time,so you would be a total FAG to think and say who will win :…And another thing,we have seen that tha ONLY way to beat Silva is by grapling,well who is a better grappler and a takedown artist than GSP?So as we conclude,Silva is the best,and SGP has the tools to beat him.Who will WIN we shall see after the fight!

  9. meialuakampinas

    Ill be back to laugh at your face when it happens.

  10. JamboApache

    hahaha! just NO!

  11. meialuakampinas

    Anderson cant stop the takedown and he def cant sub GSP, EASY, complete total domination.

    It wont be close.

  12. amirjazzmaster

    CAZ BONNAR IS ALWAYS ON STEROIDS! never been finished, pffff

  13. JamboApache

    You’re delusional if you think that! Anderson is an elite striker and a BJJ blackbelt, If GSP was to beat Anderson he would have to grind out a decision and that’s a big IF. When was the last time GSP finished a fight? I rest my case.

  14. Icarus DiMaggio

    You forgot your mom, no. 5, instead of hederson. That fat bitch could knock out henderson with one of her lethal giant clit slaps in a second.

  15. Jon Brownlie

    You suck monkey balls.

  16. JontieDesario

    I’d love to see Silva-GSP (which I think is more likely but would be complicated if GSP loses to Condit), but would prefer Silva-Jones

  17. C4pitalD

    Did you even watch the fight? Get Jones bone out of your mouth.

  18. justfine77777

    They have common opponents, and Silva did a better job with them than Jone did. Anderson also looks really good and muscular at 205.

  19. CornishRicky

    Lmao. You mad?

  20. meialuakampinas

    GSP would beat Anderson with ease, it wouldn’t be close GSP out-grapples Anderson with EASE, WITH EASE.

  21. 4201978nv

    An “almost but not quite” does not constitute anything. “Almost”? You have no idea what his pain threshold is. Seriously you have nothing here, move along. Guess according to your shitty girly observation, Ben Henderson has “almost” lost every one of his fights. That man has had his arms, legs, ankles, and head “almost” torn off, but still won. Guess he sucks too. Fucking poser, piss off and go watch toddlers in tiaras.

  22. CornishRicky

    Huh? He came within a couple seconds of breaking his arm like a twig!

  23. 4201978nv

    Vitor didn’t ever come close to beating Jones. But whatever helps you cope at night.

  24. 4201978nv

    You would be better off buying a house, it would be a waste to pay to see Silva get annihilated.

  25. 4201978nv

    I too share that belief. No if ands or buts about it, Jones would “ragdoll” him (good analogy) and that’s how it would look.

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