Countdown to UFC 178: Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor

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25 Responses to “Countdown to UFC 178: Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor”

  1. Cherry Pauper

    “I’m watching UFC 178 for Johnson/Cariaso” said no one ever.

  2. I Know Everything. Don't Reply. I Am 100 Percent Correct.

    I’m proud that Conor is representing Russia. 

  3. TheInternetBully94

    Conor Mcgregor got the looks of a champion.

  4. Sethalos

    Huge fan of McGregor, but I do wish he’d stop bashing every opponent,
    because when he does get knocked off that horse (and everyone does) he will
    have a hard fall.

  5. Michael Zand

    McGregor got small man complex. 

  6. TappatopShotta

    Diego Brandao sux, Poirier is a different kinda beast this should be a hell
    of a fight!

  7. wicketts16

    Mcgregor is clearly going to win. The McGregor highlights showed what he
    has actually accomplished since being in the UFC and Poirier’s highlights
    were just him talking about McGregor

  8. Alex Mallinson

    Winner fights Frankie Edgar for a title shot.

  9. eric perluke

    If any of yas are true MMA fans and know the sport, then it’s really sad
    that you can’t see what’s happening rite before your eyes.. Connor is one
    of those special talents that don’t come around that much. He is like
    another Silva and I’m shocked how a lot of people don’t see that yet. Mark
    my words he will have the belt in no time. Seriously guys. Wake up and
    understand that we’re witnessing something special that doesn’t come around
    too often/.

  10. C Jersey

    Been a fan of McGregor longer than most-but Ive officially heard
    enough. Dude never gets tired of hearing himself talk…about himself. lol

  11. wombatparade

    Poirier will D’arce Mcregor to sleep in the 1st round.

  12. Arshi Kaffash

    Hate him or love him, Conor Mcgregor is a very smart man. He’s 3 fights
    into the UFC and there is already title implications for him. On the other
    hand, you have someone like Dennis Bermudez who’s on a 7 fight win streak
    and he’s only starting to see a dim light at the end of the tunnel. This
    sport is all about marketing yourself and generating fan interest, and
    Mcgregor is doing that perfectly.

    If Conor beats someone elite like Poirier and makes it look easy, give that
    man a title shot right away. It’s a huge payday for the UFC and I rather
    see Conor fight for a title then anybody else in the featherweight
    division. You have no reason to talk shit about this guy.

  13. tysswe1

    I am forever going to call him Mystic Mac by now. That is an epic name. XD

  14. Ryan Skaleta

    Something about that fight looked so fishy..That punch that took Dustin
    down barely touched him..Looked kinda fixed to me

  15. The All Seeing

    Dustin doesn’t talk it how he lives it and this video is proof after the
    fight when he got KO’d first round. Him and his team look stupid now. 

  16. George orwell

    Connor is definitely NOT on Pettis level with the kicks

  17. Don Jacare

    Conor campaigning for a title shot is absurd. He is overlooking Dustin IMO.
    Even IF he wins, he would have at least 2 more fights b/c you have Cub,
    Frankie, and Dennis Bermudez that are ahead of him. I say I he wins give
    him Lamas if he doesn’t get paired up with Bermudez.

  18. wetafan

    Wow, Brandao bowing before Conor was unexpected

  19. Richard Loots

    half as good was enough to beat Poirier ….lol ………..

  20. BlackSwoldier o

    2:40 Brandao goes to touch gloves and McGregor give him a spinning back
    kick in the ribs. 

  21. huy nguyen duc

    i dont like him conor , But i love his fight style , ufc will be more

  22. Mustafa Senegal

    do good in soccer?
    you americans and your handegg xD

  23. berd broot

    i like conors art of fighting…….but i think he is an a**hole

  24. sneezepikachuu

    “I’m always getting better. I get better because I work the brain more than
    the body. I think Dustin is a fighter who works the body more than the
    – GOAT

  25. Bawi Hmung

    I blow a kiss and he bowed before me.

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