Chael Sonnen Wants Jon Jones?

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23 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Wants Jon Jones?”

  1. Drunkwraith

    Fighters is plural, Sonnen is one man and he isn’t like the other fighters. High levels of testosterone during the first Silva fight, mortage fraud, and possibly killed some hookers. Not to mention all the things he said for 2 straight years simply for a bigger paycheck in the Silva rematch.

  2. MitchCarlton747

    Not the attitude that pro fighters have.

  3. Kike1316

    Chael made at least $2.5 million for the UFC 148 fight, the disclosed pay was 50K, but no where near his real check.

  4. Mindaugas7100

    He gets 50k-150k 3 times per year, that enough to buy fucking villa, expensive car like Mercedes S class custom made or Ferrari/Lambo and have house near the beach in Florida or California and he could achieve all that in 5 years. You get your facts straight.

  5. TheWazaaaaap

    Honest?!! Since when is Chael one of the most honest guys?!! He lied and took more TRT than he was allowed to give himself a boost, he took part in a money laundering scheme and he promised he would leave the UFC if Silva beat him a second time. Now tell me how exactly is he one of the most honest guys?

  6. TheWazaaaaap

    He gets fucked. He had to take elevated TRT (steroid) levels in his first fight. He landed 300 punches on Silva but couldn’t even cut Silva’s face let alone KO him! His second fight he got TKO’d. He got a lucky decision against Bisping, many people had Bisping winning that fight. Come his fight with Jones he will get royally fucked.

  7. TheWazaaaaap

    Real money?! I work 40 hours a week and get less than half of what Sonnen made from this one fight in one year.

  8. james lynch

    theres no money to be made in the ufc,i mean real money,chael made 50k for the anderson rematch,check your facts people

  9. david lopez

    bro get off chaels nuts..he lost twice period..having loss twice after having talked so much shyt is embarrassing enough. i cant believe this guy has fans like you

  10. david lopez

    All this guy chael is good at is talking shit and not being able to back it up. What happened with retiring after loosing twice to anderson. The only fights that would’ve made sense would have been jones vs hendo and Weidman vs sonnen so either one would stop talking about how they are the real threat against anderson

  11. david lopez

    They don’t offer any real talent against jones and that’s why he keeps being labeled the best fighter..etc..he’s clearly overhyped. The only real talent he faced was rashad who he couldn’t finish. The fight against vitor was a joke. The ufc is becoming the next wwe if its not careful more bout entertaining the t.u.f audience and getting their ratings up then putting real fights and giving real hungry fighters a chance at the tittle

  12. david lopez

    this piece of shit doesn’t get tired of losing. The ufc is becoming a joke giving this guy a tittle shot at LW when he couldn’t even beat anderson silva. Jones is like a taller, younger and faster version of silva it’s disrespectful that they would even offer him this opportunity.

  13. matt pacheco

    Chael seems alot more humble…

  14. sexyalboballa23

    “The knee is not illegal, the knee hit me in the face. You cannot knee a guy in the face.” umm what? lol

  15. sixnumbers420

    Shame Sonnen has ZERO power in his hands or ground and pound. He will suffer badly against Jones.

  16. pktoddler

    just chats so much shit …

  17. Ownedddddd1

    Right but he doesn’t get fucked he holds his own hell he dominated Silva for a whole fight and the second fight the whole first round out of the 2 not really getting fucked you know. -.-

  18. kmm2013

    I have the most respect and love for chael. out of anyone in the sort today he is my favorite

  19. sedateddevil

    or hes a bitch and was on T and still lost

  20. HeIIoHater

    lol i wanna see anderson ride off into the sunset(:

  21. Helios601

    the knee hit him in the face? lol did it fuck, watch the slo mo cheal, hit you square in the chest and then chest gtfo

  22. mdavis1992

    he wanted it, AND HE GOT IT.

  23. MrDusterzz

    he likes to get paid, other fighters could learn from this who cares if u don’t deserve it or can’t win ur gonna get paid to headline a show. Talk shit for two months or now with the tuf job even longer. say funny shit and hack your opponent and make fans tune in and buy the ppv. Then collect royalties off that and when its all said and done you never won a belt but got all the money in the world to take care of your family and live comfortably. Genius.

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