anderson silva muay thai clinch for mma dvdrip

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25 Responses to “anderson silva muay thai clinch for mma dvdrip”

  1. Devil Prince

    Samart is too small for silva. buakaw> Aldo.

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  3. Hector Garcia

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  4. SimpleeAndrea

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  5. matzoball101

    in muay thai maybe not mma

  6. kdg5636

    yes i too think aldo will be destroyed, but we cannot possibly 100% know who’s gonna win before the fight. take a case from ufc162.

  7. 1345johnny

    Buakaw would destroy aldo

  8. lakshan kumar

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  9. darkhellhero

    i think ringside sells them on their site, but i’m not 100% on it

  10. kdg5636

    you can’t possibly know what’s gonna happen in a professional fight, especially on the level this high. i think you wanna sound smart, but saying who would destroy whom sounds just stupid.

  11. K186

    buakaw would destroy aldo k-1 or MT rules. Not even close. MMA rules might be closer but obviously Aldo should win that.

  12. Thiện Huỳnh

    i want have a gloves like in this video

  13. kdg5636

    god i wanna watch anderson silva vs samart payakaroon muay thai match on their prime… or jose aldo vs buakaw porpramuk.

  14. svenzia

    Hahaha, that shit made my night, but Rich Franklin is a classy guy.

  15. ZombieRightsMovement

    Muay Thai doesn’t use headbutts, Muay Boran does 🙂 and its the art of 8 limbs

  16. st0icmoment

    rich franklin disliked this video

  17. come2me4raki

    Well that makes it all clear now, I was talking about the muay thai that’s used as a ringsport, not the traditional muay boran. Even so if I were you I would use the headbutt before you get cought in the clinch. 

  18. come2me4raki

    Lol you’re full of bullshit about muay thai clinch, I did muay thai for years and still use muay thai techniques in mma training. And when you perform a proper muay thai clinch you will pull the head of your opponent down and keep your head close to your opponents head. If you can hold the muay thai clinch succesfully you won’t recieve a headbutt all all, not to mention to recieve a headbutt hard enough to let go of a clinch. You either take the clinch over or push the clinch performer away.


    Anderson Silva’s Muay Thai College


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  20. come2me4raki

    First of all, these techniques are done without any struggle and anderson silva isn’t that serious either. So you can’t just come up with counters just based on this. That headbutt counter of yours, how are you planning on throwing one when someone is grabbing your head, neck and pushing the rest of your body back with their elbows? Muay thai and many other martial arts are developed in over hunderds years, if you think you smartass can find such a solution within 1 minute, then think again.

  21. pak kard

    u guys must come fight in Thailand it gonna b fun

  22. Foke Simpson

    Thai skill is just so good =D

  23. cmacaoidh

    It’s more than that. A proper clinch doesn’t just pull the head down, but the elbows lock against the chest, preventing forward/backward motion, which stifles an attempt to headbutt. It also enables you to pull someone off balance side-to-side and back and forth,. This imbalance makes a headbutt ineffectual even if you could pull one off. A proper clinch is not just a position, it’s a weapon.

  24. fabio contrario


  25. Wout van Leuveren

    nice, thanks!

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